About Us

Our Story and Mission

At RewiseLearn, we're revolutionizing the way you prepare for the Leaving Certificate. Inspired by the valuable insights we've gathered from both students and teachers, RewiseLearn has been crafted by our small Irish team from the ground up, and is designed to make learning faster and more efficient, offering an intuitive interface that allows you to grasp topics and understand the structure of papers simultaneously. We strive to raise the bar for learning standards nationwide by delivering a high-quality educational experience that is both accessible and economical. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously develop new features that cater to our users' needs.

Modern Learning for the Modern Student

Dive into a new era of studying with our state-of-the-art AI marking scheme assistant feature, Rewise Chat. Tailored to provide precise answers based on the Leaving Cert marking scheme and syllabus, Rewise Chat is a game-changer. Whether you're tackling complex biology concepts that you'd like a simple explanation of, trying to find if a specific aspect of a topic has come up in the past, or or trying to avoid the frustration of sifting through endless paragraphs, RewiseLearn is your go-to resource when textbooks and notes become overwhelming. Rewise Chat is based on the latest LLM technology with the highest safety and security standards across the industry.

What Makes RewiseLearn Different?

RewiseLearn is committed to distraction-free learning, offering an interactive interface focused on past papers and marking schemes. There are no add-ons, advertisements or hidden fees because we believe in transparent pricing. It's also the cost-effective alternative to traditional grinds. Our platform boasts the most advanced search engine specifically designed for the Leaving Certificate. Unlike other study platforms that use generic search functionality for keywords, RewiseLearn Chat understands your questions, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for. Choose to study by topic, explore recurring themes year after year, or seek personalized advice from RewiseLearn Chat on how to kickstart your study journey. Students are in control of of how they learn.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@rewiselearn.ie